For Jacops-Deckx as Oosterweel Lot 4 Tender engineer

From 2019-04-01 to present.

Electrical calculation for the Oosterweel Lot 4 tender VTTI

Lot 4 of the Oosterweel project is different since it contains only the traffic related technical & tunnel equipment (VTTI) of all tunnels of the Oosterweel project Lot 2, 3 and 5. The project is in respect to electrical installation much larger and much more complex since now there are two 15kV differential grid connections at 2 service buildings; one at "Dienstgebouw Linkeroever" for the tunnel under the river Schelde TSCT and one at "HS-post Schijnpoort" for all other tunnels. The internal 15kV from Dienstgebouw Linkeroever is in closed loop distributed to Dienstgebouw Rechteroever; about 2km further. The internal 15kV from HS-post Schijnpoort is in closed loop distributed to 6 service buildings with a 17.33km long cable loop. The THV Jacops-Deckx took the elektromechanical part under the Besix/Van den Bergh group in the joined venture Mobiellus.

For Engie-Tractebel as Transformer expert

From 2018-09-01 to present.

Transformer expert for the Transco CLSG project

Tractebel is awarded owner engineer for the Transco CLSG project where a 225kV grid is designed & built to interconnect the Afrikan countries of Ivory-coast, Liberia, Sierra-Leone & Guinea. The project involves the extension or construction of 12 substations and includes 16 power transformers 225kV/25-70MVA, 6 SVC/MSC transformers 225kV/25-35MVA and 6 reactors 225kV/5-25MVAR. As a transformer expert, all transformer related documents are to be reviewed & commented, verification of the design and the drawings, witnessing of the FAT an probably the SAT.

For Jacops-Deckx as TrafoConsult Consultant

From 2018-03-25 to 2019-03-31.

Electrical design MV & main LV distribution for the Oosterweel Lot 1 Project

To solve the congestion on the Antwerp ring, the Oosterweel project has been started and after long discussions, the plans arrive at their final stage. The project has been prepared by BAM using systems engineering and the preparation was done in the form of a pré-design. The contract part Lot 1 for the Oosterweel verbinding was awarded to a joint venture with Stadsbader, Artes-Roegiers, CIT-Blaton and Mobilis called Rinkoniên. The THV Jacops-Deckx took the elektromechanical part under the Stadsbader company. This part of the Oosterweel verbinding consists of the renewing of ±10km of motorway at Antwerp's left-shore and redesigning the 3 crossings. My part is to renew the energy supply and ensure that the Dynamic Traffic Management systems stay live in case of a power interruption. Visit the Oosterweel old/new project overview by clicking this link

For CG-Power systems as TrafoConsult Consultant

From 2017-04-01 to 2018-06-20.

Training the new control & protection designers

Two new engineers have been added to the department and to avoid a loss in capacity I was consulted to provide this training. The training was partly on-the-job and partly theoretical concerning transformer Control & Protection topics as:

Restructuring my former department

After my deparure as head of the C&P department, I have not really been replaced so nobody was updating procedures, keeping track of the department planning and taking part in meetings concerning all design departments. So a lot of work needed to be done to get the procedures back on the level that they represent the actual working methods. To obtain near identical designs from different designers, the design rules needed to be updated and re-implemented.

Adding design capacity to the Control & Protection department

After an in-depth analysis of the running orders and the finished work on the designs I gained an overview of the backlog in the department and the required capacity to avoid impact on the production. If the 2 new engineers were fully trained, the capacity of the department was sufficient but the backlog must be eliminated. The easyest solution was to do some difficult designs myself and after one year, the backlog was gone.

For CG-Power systems as AKKA-Matis Consultant

From 2016-09-01 to 2017-03-31. This mission was identical to the following mission only me being an employee of Akka, willing to switch over to a free-lance consultant. I am gratefull that Akka was supportive in this transition without substantial difference for the customer CG-power systems.

For Tractebel as AKKA-Matis Consultant

From 2014-04-01 to 2016-08-31.

FAT of a cast-resin seismic prototype for Tihange NPP

The existing seismic cast-resin 1000kVA transformers need to be replaced. Since this type of transformer is used as a standard 6kV/400V transformer for auxiliary power supply, the transformer undergoing the FAT test is the first of the series and will be type tested for all required tests. I only whitnessed the routine tests:

As contract owner for the replacement of the 200MVA 18/416/√3kV single phase GSU transformers for the Tihange NPP

In relation to the Long-Term-Operation of the Tihange 1 NPP the shell-type GSU transformers who have served 40 years need to be replaced. The preparation work had already been performed by an employee of Tractebel i.e. the writing of the specifications, the quotation phase and I arrived after the order had been placed.

So for the customer "Elektrabel" the main tasks were the project follow-up from production to energisation. To avoid slippage of the planning, a few factory visits were organised to the transformer factory but also to the tank factory to inspect weldings & painting procedures since previous experiance with corrosion & leaks

Technical meetings have been held to verify the planning and technical questions were raised to ensure the quality of the transformers is conveniant

A total of 4 transformers have been verified during production and at FAT. Also the site installation of two transformers at Tihange have been followed closely, the oil filling and SAT.

As contract owner for a spare 36MVA 150/6/6kV auxiliary transformer for Tihange 1

The 150/6/6kV auxiliary transformer from ACEC is 40 years old but still in very good shape. This is because this transformer is only loaded during a plant outage when the GSU transformers are deenergised and the 18/6/6 kV transformer hence receives no power to supplu the auxiliaries. Strategically it is better to have a spare transformer so Elektrabel decided to order one. A replacement transformer is allways a challenge since it must fit the existing dimension requirements and the electrical requirements. My responsability as contract owner was to
  • write the technical specification for this replacement transformer,
  • to prepare the contract together with the buyer,
  • to call for tenders,
  • to evaluate all the received tenders,
  • to discuss technical issues with the potential suppliers

    As transformer expert assistance for offshore platform transformers

    Offshore substation to connect 66 windmills of 6MW to the 150kV Tennet Grid. The substation comprises two Generator Step Up transformers with proposed rating 240/320MVA 33/33/150kV; each transmitting the power of 33 windmills to the DolWin Alpha converter station. The OSS also comprises reactors, auxiliary transformers & earthing transformers.

    writing the specifications for the 2 GSU power transformers 220MVA/300MVA 33/33/155kV. Writing specifications for the 33kV 2.5MVAR reactors. writing specifications for the auxiliary & earthing transformers.

    Optimisation of the required transformer power in function of the measured wind power, the Wind Turbine Generators specifications, the grid requirements and the required transformer lifetime. Taking into account that it must be possible for one transformer to provide at leat 66% maximum platform power output.

    Technical evaluation of the transformer offers.

    Technical negociations with the selected possible suppliers

    For Siemens as AKKA Consultant

    service department support - Transformer expert

    The Siemens Belgium power division developped new services such-as transformer monitoring. My responsabilities were to prepare and organise transformer expert training and assist in customer meetings as monitoring expert.

    Design of the control & protection of the Setif-Ouest 220/60kV substation

    The Setif-Ouest project involved large pump stations to supply water to mayor city's. These remote pump stations are supplied by first the 220kV grid and further from the 60kV grid. The project involved 3 substations; 1 220/60kV substation and 2 60/

    For Imtech as AKKA Consultant

    SPARTACUS Lead electrical engineer tendering

    The Spartacus project was a international DBFM contract for "De Lijn" to Design-Build-Finance & Maintain for 25 years a high speed tram line between Hasselt and Maastricht

    My responsabilities for Imtech included:

    For this tender, Imtech worked together with:

    BRABO Lead electrical engineer tendering

    The Spartacus project was a DBFM contract for "De Lijn" with 7 sub-projects to Design-Build-Finance & Maintain for 25 years an Antwerp tram network in 5 Antwerp zones.

    My responsabilities for Imtech included: